Jordanian Pilot Burned

Last week Tuesday ISIS reminded the world just what kind of monsters they are. After being shot down and captured by ISIS, Jordanian Pilot First Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh was burned alive in in ISIS’ latest propaganda video after weeks of captivity. The video was slick and high tech looking utilizing news clips, computer generated graphics and Hollywood style camera angles, transitions and effects. There was even a twitter page set up where people could post the most gruesome ways in which they thought the young pilot should be killed. This is a prime example of Muslim extremists combining modern technology with distorted old world philosophy to draw additional followers to their cause. Screenings of the video were shown throughout the ISIS controlled territories as if it were the Islamic State’s response to American Sniper. Foreign fighters have been flocking from all over the middle east and even westernized countries to fight for their ill conceived notion of Islam.


The execution has been widely renounced by the Muslim world, none more so than the Muslim nation of Jordan itself. Immediately after the release of the video, two ISIS prisoners being held in Jordan were executed in retaliation for the heinous crime. King Abdullah II of Jordan has vowed to pummel ISIS until Jordan runs out of bullets and bombs. Before the execution the Jordanian public was very much anti-war with ISIS but this has since been completely reversed although experts say that Jordan must be careful to not overreact to the point where more outsiders are drawn to defend ISIS. The situation is extremely tense and Jordan’s bombing campaign has been relentless. Our thoughts and prayers go out to First Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh and his family.


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